Creative Workspaces of Successful Muslim Women

A glimpse into the studios or creative nooks of artists and makers, is almost like a glimpse inside their minds. Are they organized? Minimal? Colorful? Co-ordinated? Chaotic? What does all that mean anyway?

Take a look behind the studio door of some of our CMW members in this gallery of creative workspaces.

Artist, Calligrapher and Illustrator, Aisha Changezi.

Humble, bright, green and airy. Major workspace envy here! MashaAllah!

Aisha Changezi

Photographer and Entrepreneur, Amanda Mouttaki of Maroc Mama.

Humble and inspired. This looks like the perfect spot to clear your mind, sit down and write.


Painter and Designer, Amira Rahim.

Two words: Color and light. A beautiful mess.


Jewelry Designer, Brandy Morton of Love Nyla.

Soft, elegant organization and symmetry.


Designer, Cherie Balla of Little Wings Gallery.

Color coded perfection! Clean, bright and consistent.


Painter, Photographer and Designer, Hafsa Khizer of The Reminder Series.

Huge space filled to the ceiling with creative energy!

hafsak hafsak2

Artist, Ismat Sami.

Work where you are.


Seamstress, Mona Hussain of Omees Boutique.

Quiet, classic, bright. This workspace looks like home!


Crafty Insta-Photographer, Nancy Gaines of Domesticraft.

As colorful and quirky as the artist, creative chaos!


Artist Illustrator, Naseeba Khader.

Minimal, bright, elegant. Nothing to clutter the creative mind here.



Writer and Educator, Omaira Alam.

Rustic and simple, look at that table! A lovely spot by the window to sit and write.


Artist, Saleha Patel.

Windows! What more can we say? The light, the view, the sky!

saleha patel

Crafter, Samantha Salem of Life of a Mompreneur.

Calming colors and organized chaos. A cosy, crafty space.



Artist, Designer and Illustrator, Sarah Siddiqui of Imaginairy Art.

Simple and sweet, just like Sarah’s art. We love the simplicity of this space.


Blogger, Seher Haque of Simply in Control

We love the child friendly writing nook and of course, the life of a blogger, working from bed!



Artisan and Writer, Sobia Hussain of The Olive Tree Soap Company

Light, color, inspiration in all directions! We absolutely love that glass table top.


Entrepreneur & Author, Layla Rodrigues of Women2Women Market.

Cosy and compartmentalized, the perfect place to focus on one project at a time.


Author-Illustrator & Designer, Emma Apple.

Plenty of Emma’s signature color, yellow, stones and a little chaos.



Show us your workspace with the hashtag #myCMWspace.

Emma Apple

Emma Apple

Author-Illustrator at Books by Emma Apple
Emma Apple is a Chicago based children’s author-illustrator and designer from New Zealand.

She is author of How Big Is Allah? and How Does Allah Look? and founder of Creative Muslim Women.

Emma converted to Islam as a teenager and currently lives in Chicago with her husband, daughter, son and Ash the parrot. She only reads books that have lots of pictures, loves to look at planets through her telescope and is a big fan of yellow and Star Trek.
Emma Apple

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  • Sajatha
    3 years ago

    Everyone’s work spaces are wonderful! I love that we also have links to get to know these wonderful artists better. Shukran!

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