Thinking of Starting a Business?

laylarAs’Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatulah,

If you have opened this article,you must certainly be considering working for yourself!

If this is truly what you would like to do, I would like for you to first take some time out and ask yourself some questions.

Very often I speak to Muslim women and they tell me all their hopes and aspirations. Some will just go for it, no doubts or hesitation and some never even start. We creative women tend to want to do a lot of things and we can sometimes get ahead of ourselves. It’s important to sometimes pull back, really think about what you are about to embark on.

Ok, so you have skill, you are creative, you may have the best business idea, so now what?

First ask yourself some Questions.

Question number one “Will this be beneficial for me and my family? In this world and for the hereafter?”.

Once you have sincerely answered this first question, you can truly begin your journey to success. Whether it is to start a business or to remain in the best job, as a wife and mum. Family is so important, running a business can be very draining and stressful at times, this can put a lot of pressure on you and your family. It’s very important to have your family there to support you, to remind you, of why you began this business in the first place.

Question number two “Why do you want to start this business?”.

Many sisters open businesses for the wrong reasons, something to pass the time, quick money, they think it will make them rich and solve all their problems. You need to be sincere with yourself, what is the real reason you are starting this? Is it worth your time away from family and friends? Is it a long-term commitment? These are all things you need to think about. Once you have worked this out, you will have a clearer picture and know if it’s even worth the hassle.

Question number three “Will this be beneficial for the ummah or community in general?”.

A business tends to be successful if it’s based on goals. For example Women2Women market has various projects, but its main goal is to support women who want to work. Emma Apple is an artist and a writer, her goal is to educate children through her skill, by writing about Allaah. So what is the purpose of your business?


I will leave you with this for now, really do take the time out, somewhere quiet, get a notepad and pen, write your answers down and review them at least three times.

Next time I will be discussing what you should be doing prior to launching your business. Don’t forget to do istikhara, place your trust in Allaah (swt) ultimately success is from Allaah.


Till next time, Your sister in Islam.

As’Salaam Alaikum

Layla Rodrigues

Layla Rodrigues

Layla is a convert to Islam, she has been Muslim for 8 years now, since reverting to Islam she has been on a path to gaining knowledge to not only benefit her self but also others. She is also currently studying a diploma in Islamic studies.

Layla is the Co-Founder of IFAM (Islam for All Mankind) a Non profit organisation working to help the community and a public speaker.She would like to bring more awareness, of the difficulties faced by those converting to Islam and those facing hardships.

Layla is also the Founder and Director of Women2Women Market. An organisation that supports creative women from all backgrounds, providing them with a space to trade, in a segregated environment.

Layla is a creative Individual, which is why she fully supports women through mentoring, who turn their skill into a business. She enjoys painting,writing and listening to poetry and loves crafts.

Layla has just finalised her book and is currently trying to publish it. The book is aimed at young girls.
Layla Rodrigues

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9 Responses to “Thinking of Starting a Business?

  • WAlaikum Assalaam, Sis,

    Ma sha Allah! What a great article full of solid insight. Can’t wait for the next!

  • Alhamdulillah, basically all the points are my reasons to start my own business

  • Salwa Siddiqui
    3 years ago

    Spot on points to truly dig inside and find answers for. Your article helped me a lot… I have answers for the last two, need to reflect deeply on first one. JazzakAllah khair.

    • Jazak Allaah khairun, the first question is the most important question so take your time with it. I pray Allaah swt makes it easy for you ameen. Remember there is no rush and what is written for you will happen regardless.

  • As salaamu Alaykum Sister,
    Amazing article, love it, it’s short and sweet!

  • Lovely article, MashaAllah – asks the most fundamental and pertinent questions. Thank you for spelling it out so beautifully, Layla.

  • Salam alaykuna,

    subhanallah I was telling about this important points to a sister today! As Muslimah, always keeps in mind why you want to work, and what about the family and your din? Because everyday will be a challenge day ,then those reminders will be kinds of pillars that will help you to built your business bi idhnillah

  • Thanks for the article barakallah.I need ideas of some business at home.

  • Subhanallah… great article. Thinking first is it trully our dream to starting business? First… keep on your mind.. family is a number one.. if the family support us.. we can starting a business… and we can do the business from home.. not take a far from our children.. this is also my dream.. why dont we do a business from home… salam

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